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     Beginning strategies for closing big deals.  You have to identify who the target audience is.  So, ours is if you want to be a millionaire.  And then, what are the price points going to be?  There’s got to be a value proposition in there.   When you do a big ticket, in the beginning strategies, for those of you never done it, you’re going to do a technique called bundling.  You’re going to bundle things up.  So, for example, I have five New York Times bestsellers, that are over a decade old.  I can bundle them, along with my eBooks and audiobooks.  Another strategy in bundling is, you could offer them more of your time.  You could offer them an intro call.  I’m known to do that as a money makeover sequencing call, and I’ll start the strategy for somebody.

     So, what is your bundling going to be, and who’s the ideal client for you?  Because you just don’t want to offer a high ticket item to everybody.  Because they aren’t your person.  I want a big net and tons of offers that are low ticket all over the Internet, and all over your social channels.  But, when it comes to this conversation of selling high tickets, you don’t want to talk to everybody.  Do they have the money?  There are all sorts of prequalification structures.  All sorts of ways you can find out whether they have money or not.  You’ve got to know where their tuition threshold is, and then bring the offer in.  And, if they’re not ready, give them some homework.

     Part of giving them homework is to build some more trust, and to build some more rapport with them.  And you may even want to go to the point of having a ton of testimonials on your website.  I also will go as far as having them talk to a present client, and for some of you, if you’re not delivering well, that’s a risky proposition.  But if you’re delivering well, and you’re high touch, why not let them talk to somebody else for you to get a high ticket?

     The difference between benefits and features.  The benefit is, you’re going to become a millionaire, the features are how you’re going to get there. We have four online trainings.  We have two live, in-person trainings.  We have field trips.  We have coaching.  We have mastermind.  These are the things you’re going to do to become a millionaire.  So, what are your benefits and features?  Be clear about them, and don’t just sell features.  The whys and the benefit.  Why do you want to be a millionaire?  What’s your commitment to being a millionaire?  These are the questions I would ask in our higher ticket sale.  So, you got to come up with those little bits of those scripts.

     The best way for some of you who have never done this before is, to pull a whole bunch of the people that have already been with you.  Bring them to a focus group.  Bring them on a call and say, “What would compel you to go to the next level with me?  How many of you want to work one-on-one with me?”  You always want to go back with your current clientele, to do your higher ticket upsells.  To get someone straight off social media, to your highest ticket, it happens, not all the time.  You want to warm them up.

     Let’s talk about the dollar value of a client.  In my training I talk about the dollar value of a customer.  I give an example of a $25 item that somebody would buy, like a book, and then a $250 dollar item, like a short-term course, and then a $1,000 and a $4,000.  So, that is then a $5,275 client.  Every name, phone number, and email are worth that much money to you.

     Your industry gives you clues.  Success gives lots of clues.  So, what have other people done?  R&D (replicate and duplicate) what other people have done.  See who’s doing the best in your space and create those distinctions around that.

     So, what are the keys to selling high ticket items?  You’ve got to be bold.  You have to have enough marketing going on to have brought enough people in to buy low ticket items.  If they haven’t bought a low ticket item, they’re probably not going to buy a high ticket item.   So, you need to put them through your funnel.  You need to put them through some pricing.  We call them opportunity structures, and with the right pricing, with huge value offer, and the right bundle of bonuses to get them to act now.  Whether that’s pricing, financing, whether that’s funding what is the bonus structure to have them act now?

     The systems, which I think are the most important things, and the things that everyone leaves behind.  I have a CRM software stack called Rapid Marketing Systems, and inside of that we can build an opportunity. So, when you come in from whatever social channel, into whatever the marketing initiatives is, into my campaigns, you get six campaigns, seven campaigns, of what made me hundreds of millions of dollars.

     The critical part of the high ticket sale is also, not only the scripting, but the notetaking.  So, where are you taking notes if you’re in an email system like MailChimp?  Those aren’t enough.  You need to take notes.  Who are they?  What were their problems?  What help do they need?  You need to write down what you offered them.  If they’re not willing to buy, there’s too many objections, you’re going to give them something to do and call back.  You want to keep that relationship intact.

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