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the millionaire maker

Loral Langemeier

World-renowned money expert, sought-after speaker, entrepreneurial thought leader, and five-time New York Times best-selling author.



Uncover your financial personality!

I believe in relationships based on trust.

When we work together, I’ll walk into our relationship thoroughly, maintain strong ties with you, even make hard decisions were necessary to support you.

I’ll seek to understand your needs and communicate with you thoroughly and quickly.

When required, I’ll give you what’s needed, ask a lot of questions about what you need, and offer real solutions so that you can feel confident, good about yourself, and your process to get the results you want and deserve.

I’ll meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.


Have a question?  Ask loral ANYTHING!

New York Times Best Selling Author

Real Money Talks Podcast

As an entrepreneur, small business or practice owner, or high-level executive, do you ever find yourself wondering if you’re using all the tax, entity and wealth strategies available to you or if your investments are truly producing all they could be? Happily, you don’t have to put up with that any longer. I have the solution. Real Money Talks! We’re having the right conversation about money.

Join The IWS family.

Integrated Wealth Systems (IWS) is your gateway to extraordinary business growth and the path towards building lasting wealth. We are passionately dedicated to empowering individuals like you to make, invest, and preserve money alongside a supportive team of like-minded individuals.

By joining our community, you embark on a transformative journey towards financial abundance. With our proven strategies and unwavering commitment, you can expect to unlock a world of possibilities. Imagine a future where your income consistently skyrockets, where your deepest desires and deserving dreams become a tangible reality, and where your net worth flourishes beyond your wildest imagination.

We believe that learning and mastering the art of wealth building is not just a skill, but a life-changing endeavor. By seizing this opportunity, you can reshape your life, elevate your standard of living, and gain the freedom to pursue your passions and purpose.

Don’t wait another moment to experience the profound impact that wealth creation can have on your life. Join the Integrated Wealth Systems community and embark on an extraordinary journey towards financial independence and limitless possibilities.



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Don’t miss the opportunity to have Loral Langemeier, renowned wealth expert and bestselling author, speak at your event!

With her transformative insights and proven strategies, Loral will empower your audience to unlock their financial potential and achieve unprecedented success. Take action now and request Loral Langemeier as your speaker to inspire and educate your attendees to reach new heights in their financial journey.

Coaching Programs

Loral’s life has been devoted to educating others on financial literacy. As the founder of Integrated Wealth Systems, she and her team share a collective commitment to fostering business growth and wealth accumulation.   She teaches the principles of making, investing, keeping and properly managing money using a “team”.

With more than 25 years of experience teaching practical wealth-building skills that are typically absent from traditional schooling, Loral has successfully crafted her unique system for generating team made millionaires.

The Big Table

Our Flagship Lifelong Mastermind program. This comprehensive, life-long program gives you ongoing mentoring, live gatherings with a community of wealth building peers, an enormous pool of experts to support you, and all the tools to enable you to propel your business to 7-figures and beyond.

Fast Cash Coaching

Get a personalized business makeover from one of Loral’s Integrated Wealth Systems experts. The program includes: Live weekly coaching sessions; personalized accountability calls; extended resource library & unlimited access to live call replays.

$100K Challenge

12 month mentoring program with live coaching calls and training. Let the Integrated Wealth Systems Team show you how to add an extra $100k to your revenue THIS YEAR … GUARANTEED!


Loral and her team are AMAZING! I was really impressed when I received a phone call to confirm a zoom call training that I had scheduled with her and her team. I have been in a couple of similar trainings but have never received a personal phone call. That just stood out to me, it’s not every day that happens anymore so that was very nice.

Briseida Villalobos

“I recently attended one of Loral Langemeier’s events and I have to say it was a game changer for me. Loral is a brilliant entrepreneur and financial expert who knows how to inspire and motivate people to take action. Her strategies are practical, actionable and effective. She helped me identify areas where I was leaving money on the table and showed me how to maximize my earning potential. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and she genuinely cares about her clients’ success. I highly recommend Loral and her team to anyone looking to take their financial life to the next level. Thank you, Loral!”

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Get ready and become a


“To Worry is to pray for what you do NOT want!”
-Sharon Lechter


“Change is inevitable but personal growth is a choice.”
-Bob Proctor


“Think Big! Expand your thinking first and your situation will soon follow.”

-Loral Langemeier


What's the #1 obstacle holding you back from Ultimate wealth?