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I don’t understand why some people have a problem making sales – more specifically, asking for the cash!

I mean, c’mon.

I’m sure you know someone who (or you yourself) has had trouble asking for fair compensation for your services. It’s easy to sell yourself and sell your services – but sometimes you have trouble ASKING FOR THE CASH. And not just asking for the cash, but asking for it BEFORE you do the work.

But think about it: Have you ever bought a hamburger from McDonald’s and paid for it AFTER you ate it? Have you ever ordered a book from Amazon and paid for it AFTER you read it? Have you ever bought shoes from Under Armour and paid for them AFTER you wore them?


So, why is it OK for you to get paid for your services AFTER you perform them? Why is it OK for your clients to wait until AFTER you fulfill your service to pay you?

This is NOT OK. Make sense?

Make a change…learn to ask for the cash up front and fulfill on the back – just like every other successful business that exists out there.