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     Email is not dead.  And I know a lot of you don’t have email.  The challenge with email is, most people have three, four, five, ten emails, that they use for different things.  So, it’s hard to get through, and the volume of emails is insane.

     We use email consistently every month, and we supplement it.  Are you ready?  We supplement it with text marketing.  We supplement it with phone calls.  So, we’re doing a little bit of everything.  The number one strategy, believe it or not, are postcards.  I can send unlimited postcards to my clients.  You can customize the postcards.  You can put in a call to action to call in.  There are all sorts of strategies.

     So, those are really a big four for us: text, email, phone calls, and postcards.  This creates an inbound pull, because whether it’s an email, text, or a postcard, there’s a call to action to come get some new gifts, or some new content, or some new opportunity.

     A few other things about email marketing.  Your headlines are critical, they’re probably one of the most important things, is what do you say to them to open your email.  And so, you need to come up with some very cool copy and hooks.  How do you do that?  Replicate and duplicate someone else.  Who’s best in your space, already doing what you’re doing, and go out and follow them.  Notice what they do for their subject lines.  Notice how they text copy, is it long form, or is it short form?  What is your competition doing that’s currently in your space, and replicate and duplicate the best, that’s in your space.

     Short form content and quick texts are what get people to respond quickly, followed by phone calls.  And by the way, that good old thing called leave a voicemail, is still a real thing.  You need to leave voicemails.  You’d be shocked by how that will instigate and constitute a call back, versus leaving no voicemail, and hanging out.  They don’t know why you called in the first place, so that didn’t cause an action for them.  So, when you leave a voicemail, it causes them to act.

     How do you segment your audience?  We are segmented down to every social media channel.  We know whether you’ve come from my YouTube channel.  We know if you came straight into, which is probably on an ad paid advertising.  We know if you came from TikTok or Instagram.  So, knowing where your lead comes from is vital, and without a proper database structure, you just have a whole bunch of followers.

     A few other things for segmentation is write specific content for each of the groups that are going to respond differently.  Like, when people go to my site, and they take the quiz, they’re segmented into four buckets of what kind of financial problems they have, and then the phone call, or the text, or the continued emails pick up from what they’ve said they have or want.  You don’t market everyone the same.

     So, segment and niche your content.  And the other thing you could do to start monetizing, is have affiliates.  I have a whole bunch of affiliates.  They sell my books, they sell my game, and they sell my products.  They sell things for me, which is, as you mature in your database, you’ll have more and more people wanting to be an affiliate of yours, because they’re going to get a lot of exposure.  You’re either going to represent their product, or they’re going to represent your product and service.  So, affiliates are another way to keep segmentation of your data.