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You’re either in the occupational – or what I call the “industrial age” – conversation, which is about minimizing, restricting and living within your means. Or you’re in the entrepreneurial conversation, which is about expanding, creating and generating wealth.

If you’re in the occupational conversation, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s how we were raised. Many of us were raised in the post-Great Depression era where we learned from our parents and teachers that getting a job and working hard would get us the security we needed to survive. This industrial way of thinking made sense back then since it got us out of that first depression…but it’s not a completely outdated and extremely limiting conversation around money that’s no longer serving us.

However, if you’re in the entrepreneurial conversation, your mind is open to wealth-building, it happily accepts new challenges, and seeks opportunities at every corner. You take risks, you’re a self starter, you’re a visionary, you’re not boxed in, you’re flexible, you’re innovative, you’re resourceful…

So…what conversation are you having around money?

Are you another cog in the system designed to produce workers who never challenge the status quo … or is your mindset open to endless possibilities, new opportunities, and limitless creations?