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Wow, WOW, WOW!

My team and I just got done hosting a Big Table session #2 in Tahoe, Nevada and we all said the same thing after it was wrapped up – WOW!

Every single country that Live Out Loud does business in was represented at this Table – America, Australia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Canada…the melting pot of people, backgrounds and cultures was simply unbelievable.

But you know what the best part was?

Although we were all vastly different, our goals were common – to build wealth, live a better life and change the world.

Check out what someone in attendance thought of their session:

My better half Hine & our two daughters Amohia & Parehuia are really so inspired & challenged, exhilarated & exhausted, educated & saturated with so much information and possibilities.
Thank you so much Loral and your stunning team (Martha, Dallin, Darron, Valerie, Mandy, Weldon & others) and every achiever you brought to share – speaker after speaker opened up our horizons not only about Who and What opportunities there are out there but How to access those pathways too.
My mind has been stretched so much – am loving it. And all done by people with integrity, clarity, panache & lashings of good humour – fine people. I acknowledge that nothing happens in isolation and am privileged that you in LOLA and here in the USA have all so warmly welcomed Hine and our family to your family; the genuineness is deeply appreciated, as is the ongoing commitment from our coaches, Peter Ivett, Liz Cassidy, Karinya & Loral Langemeier.
Cheers also to all my Mastermind mates & partners who made the massive journeys from Aussie, Sud Afrika, & also UK! Well done.

Gosh it was a powerful gathering & certainly it takes learning, planning, challenges, thinking, networking & action planning to another level! Thank you for all the hard work we know goes into running such an event. And here we go to the next stages. Loving the learning, the excellent go-get-it people like all of you & the challenge of it all.
Also, we loved sharing our singing as a ‘thank you’ with the group, which was lovely and made for a dinner full of warm, energised folk last evening. Loral asked my girls and I if we would sing a set of songs at the Big Summit in 29 July – 1 August up here, and of course we accepted. So we will see you in your summer here, have more learning & connexions & take things to another level. We know there is much more training, organising and work to do, but are pleased for your and Loral’s support so that we may fully participate and make the most of such magnificent opportunities for learning.

OK all you beautiful folks, am now running out of superlatives and have to get onto the next 119 days until BT3, planning, working, networking, building, growing, investing and although you all know I’m a tad shy: Living out Loud!!! Best blessings to you and all your families. Aroha, ‘ Ofa atu & Love.” – Tavake Afeaki

THIS testimony makes it all worth it.

THIS is why we do what we do.

THIS makes all of the travel, events, networking, event planning, and long hours worth it.

The Big Table is designed to teach entrepreneurs to become millionaires in three to five years by creating an business plan to get them into action immediately, developing a personal plan to handle debt, connecting with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, and much more. Live Out Loud has been hosting Big Tables for 10 years and more than 5,000 global entrepreneurs have participated in the events.

Just a few months ago, we hosted our 100th Big Table!

During the year-long Big Table experience, entrepreneurs attend three 2-day live training sessions at the Live Out Loud offices in either Lake Tahoe or Sydney, Australia and develop a 120-day plan to attain their business and wealth goals.

Participants learn from my hand-chosen team of experts in marketing, sales, administrative support, internet marketing, website development, tax strategies, investment strategies, real estate strategies, book creation and publication, network marketing, franchise opportunities and more.

In addition to working with a personal Live Out Loud Coach, participants are assigned to a five-to-six person mastermind group that meet once a week to keep each other accountable for their commitments.

All in all, the Big Table has been simply transformational for a lot of wealth-builders…and seeing such an amazing Big Table like the one we just had (plus, an awesome testimonial), is just a reminder that what we are doing is life-changing.

Cheers to you today!

To Your Success, Loral Langemeier