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Loral teaches individuals and businesses how to turn around recent losses and get financial plans in place to build wealth despite today’s tough economic climate.

Bend, OR (10/30/08)…Financial mentor, millionaire maker, best selling author and Dr. Phil’s new “Money Matters” expert, Loral Langemeier helps troubled families and businesses learn how to properly plan and make more money than they ever thought possible with her tried and true principles of wealth building.

“We all live in the same tough economy. I show people how to thrive, not just survive. The truth about building wealth has been known forever, but most wealthy people don’t share this information. By understanding how the wealthy make money, you can too,” she said. “I know I can take anyone, anywhere, and make them wealthy. I start with eight questions in eight minutes and then we move into action,” Langemeier said.

She calls her approach to financial success “The Wealth Cycle Process,” which is a proven process of generating cash through assets and income. Even people who are in deep debt can be on their way to great prosperity once they start the step-by-step process.

Loral Langemeier is the author of the national bestseller, The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do (McGraw-Hill 2006). On the Dr. Phil Show, she is helping a couple burdened with $700,000+ debt. Langemeier devised a 90-day plan to teach them how to manage and change their mindset about money. She will monitor their progress and check back with them and other guests in need of financial makeovers in upcoming Dr. Phil shows.

Loral Langemeier was not born into money. She grew up on a farm in Nebraska. As a teen, Langemeier started creating her own businesses. After college, she worked for a large corporation and juggled her own ventures on the side. “I was always pushing myself to create enough money to live the life of my dreams,” she said. By 34, her net worth passed the million-dollar mark.

Financial Experts & Institutions Don’t Have All the Answers
Langemeier firmly believes that money takes responsibility and action. She’d like people to take more control over their money.

“Too many of us are content to let financial advisors call the shots. I call this the park-and-pray method and nothing is riskier. In this day and age, taking your hard-earned money and parking it with a financial institution and praying that it increases is, frankly, pathetic. That’s like dropping your kids off with someone when they’re infants, and taking them back when they’re 18, and hoping they turned out right. On the other hand, once you’ve educated yourself, the potential for direct investing and asset allocation is infinite,” Langemeier said.

Belt Tightening and Deprivation Are Not the Solution
Money experts tell people the same things all the time: live small and cut expenses to get back on track–not Loral.

“I don’t advocate that you focus on debt and stop all spending like your lattes and other little luxuries that you enjoy. That sounds just awful to me. I believe it is possible to achieve wealth even if your debt seems utterly daunting. The Wealth Cycle Process helps you spiral your debt down while you spiral your wealth up,” she said.

Loral Gives People Hope, Information and a Plan
Loral Langemeier is a “money maker,” coach and millionaire who reaches thousands of individuals each year through her books and teaching. She is the founder of Live Out Loud, a coaching and seminar company that teaches her program, Wealth Cycles.

Her best sellers are The Millionaire Maker: Act, Think, and Make Money the Way the Wealthy Do (McGraw-Hill, 2006), The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Wealth Cycle Investing (McGraw-Hill, 2006), and The Millionaire Maker’s Guide to Creating a Cash Machine for Life (Mc-Graw-Hill, 2007).