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Generate more income by doing less. Las Vegas is all in for a millionaire makeover. This free event is a sure bet from five-time bestselling author and critically acclaimed speaker, Loral Langemeier. Loral has designed The Millionaire Makeover Tour to teach people how to create a livelihood that’s sustainable in today’s challenging economy.

Discover how to use existing skills & passions to at generate more income in as little as two hours a week with no money down. Tap into what knowledge is already there to Generate more income. Don’t gamble the future, register today and receive Loral’s Path to Prosperity Free! Just last year Loral Langemeier hosted her 3 Days to Cash Workshop (Separate Event) and joined the Las Vegas record-breaking club! Sixty-Eight 3 Days to Cash attendees made a total of $56,618 at this event! Talk about a royal flush!

Loral is a believer in entrepreneurs! Be just as successful with Loral’s motivational coaching and training. “Entrepreneurism is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so one can live the rest of your life like most people can’t!” Entrepreneurial economies can flourish in Las Vegas and now is the time to take action! The Millionaire Makeover Tour teaches the skills one needs to do just that by creating ‘cash machines’ based on inner skills and talents. Register now and Loral promises to explore her ‘magnetic marketing techniques’, which guarantee to help businesses expand and continue to make money.

While Loral is most recognized as a five time Best-Selling author, she also has numerous media appearances (she has appeared on many television programs including The View, Dr. Phil, Fox News and CNBC). She is a true American “rags-to-riches” story, having grown-up on a farm in Nebraska to becoming the founder and CEO of her own global enterprise, Live Out Loud Inc. The Millionaire Makeover Tour attendees can be sure to learn Loral’s secrets to success and the tools needed to be just as successful as her!

The dealer just gave you pocket aces; time to throw in the chips! Join The Millionaire Maker Tour with Loral Langemeier and specials guests and learn how the experts stay on top, and generate more income while doing less. Receive Loral’s Path to Prosperity as a free gift just for signing up.Claim your free tickets and gift here.