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     By consistently posting on social media, you can build brand awareness and make your brand more recognizable. This can lead to increased brand loyalty and customer engagement.

     Most every single social media channel out there, now has the feature that will let you post video content.  If you’re somebody who’s not posting video content consistently, every single day, I would get into the habit of doing that.

     What you’re going to start to see is, every single social media channel that is built from here forward, is going to be built with those features in mind.  They want you to do vertical videos.  They need to be between 20 and 30 seconds, maximum one minute.

     Start with the platform that is the most restrictive when it comes to uploading content.  So, currently YouTube shorts cap in at a minute of time.  So, if you’re recording videos that are over two minutes, and you try to upload to YouTube shorts, it’s going to cut it down to a minute.  If you start with a minute clip, now you can work backwards and continue to repurpose your content everywhere.

     So, if you focus on a 30 second clip, a one minute clip, you can now take that clip and really go across the spectrum.  You can go to LinkedIn.  You can obviously do YouTube shorts. You can go to Instagram, Facebook Reels.  You can also use these as posts, as well as reels, and video features.  You can go to TikTok, or Twitter.  Pinterest is now exploring and experimenting with their own “real style” feature and content.

     If you’re currently starting with social media marketing, in the Customer Journey, there’s three stages that I recommend you plan and focus to really home in on. The three stages are your awareness, which then leads into engagement, which then goes into subscription.  What that really means is, you post enough content, people now view you as a credible source, and they then go and opt into your systems.  They’re going to go and download your free products, your free services.  And see who this person is.  What are they an expert in, and can they help me individually.  And then, eventually, they go into the paid products.

     If you’re starting out with social media, I recommend you focus on three different platforms to start.  That’s going to be TikTok, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is a split path between LinkedIn and YouTube.

     So, why TikTok?  Forget what you’re seeing out there in the political media about TikTok’s going to get banned in the United States, and how some government agencies have already banned it.  TikTok is still the number one platform in the United States, where you can go viral by simply posting content every single day and being consistent.  Now, aside from all the political jargon that’s happening there, do we know what’s going to happen?  We don’t know.  We know that TikTok is a fairly huge company, and it’s going to take some time before any real effect comes, at least directly to us here in the United States.

     The second platform you want to focus on is, Instagram.  Instagram because it’s the new feature, new platform, that has been absorbed by Facebook, which is now Meta.  Meta, Facebook, Instagram, it’s all the same identity.

     If you’re doing this yourself, you can do this in 15 to 20 minutes a day.  It’s not hard to go and record a 30 second video, or a one minute video, and post it.  Now, keep this in mind, social media is meant to be imperfect.  It’s meant for you to mess up on, it’s meant for you to be genuine.  It’s meant for you to show who you are.  So, the longer you take and overthink content creation and shooting a video, the worse it’s probably going to look.

     There are those times, and a lot of you can probably relate to this, where you shoot a 30 second video, you shoot a one minute video, and it takes no energy at all, and that ends up being one of your best pieces of content.

     The next one you want to focus on is, LinkedIn.  There’s going to be two paths, based on what you want results-wise. LinkedIn, for most of you, is where most of the professionals hang out.  It’s where the decision makers are going to be.  Here’s also what’s happening with LinkedIn, it’s also a huge recruitment platform.  It’s also a huge job platform.

     For those of you who are entrepreneurs, and your target audience are people that have 9-5 jobs, maybe high-end corporate business owners, you’re going to want to look for the Gatekeepers of those companies, because it’s rare that the actual owners of those companies are themselves on LinkedIn.  Here’s the other path that you will need to decide on. LinkedIn is always going to be the more professional audience for you.  These are professionals that you can be very up front with, and transparent with.

     Each social media channel can be its own result in terms of monetization.  When we get to point of either doing LinkedIn or doing YouTube, you can make the decision of knowing there’s a strategy for YouTube.   And if you focus on YouTube over the next 365 days, you’re going to get to the point where YouTube AdSense will now pay you to post content, because you’re making money based off the ads that show up on your videos.

    Your decision will have to be, why am I posting content on social media?  Is it to create more awareness, because you don’t have enough people that know who you are.  They don’t know what you’re an expert in, and you’re relying on person-to-person interactions?

     If you look at TikTok, which as over one billion active users.  Imagine being able to get a fraction of those eyeballs on your content?  As you create content, and post on TikTok, you post on Instagram, or LinkedIn, or you decide you want to go to YouTube, you 10xing, 100xing, 1,000,000xing your reach in terms of eyeballs on your content.

    And then, it’s really a plan of timing, because if you were to create on 30 second clip, and post that every single day on all your social media channels, you’re going to get exponential growth, based on consistency and that is going to leverage much more awareness. Then from there, it is now your role to go and start engaging with people.  Engagement will come organically for some, but you want to engage, you want to be active, back to your audience, and start to message them, thanking them for following you.  Asking what you can do for them.

       As you start to continue down that path, then you will grow a rhythm for bombarding the Internet in the engagement phase with your product, and your services, and content.  People, in turn, will come and start to engage with you.  You are then going to drive them to subscription, which is, “Hey, opt-in for free stuff.”

     If you want this to become another stream of income, then you’re going to do TikTok, you’re going to do Instagram, and you’re going to do YouTube.  The formula is a little bit different, because if you want to make YouTube your main hustle, and monetize, the formula is a little bit more robust.  You need to post twenty videos a month.  One video every single day, Monday through Friday.  The videos need to be between eight minutes and ten minutes in length.  And they need to have a very specific scripted formula inside of it.  The formula includes the titles, why are people here, why should they listen to you deliver on the content, and then the calls to action.

     You’re going to be able to script that with the help of AI, based on your expertise, your background, and ask Chad GPT to give you 20 YouTube scripts on this topic, because I’m an expert on this topic.  And now you will have completed about 80% of the work it takes to start producing content.

     The next thing you need to do is jump on camera, start recording, don’t think about it, and then go to the next level.  So, the bite-sized marketing call to action is pick three recommended social media channels, go and start posting media.  If you are already doing all three of those, and wondering how you can expand passed that, and get more audience, repurpose.  Start with the bottleneck channel in mind, which is YouTube shorts, maximum one. The answer is repurposing your content. Start with the bottleneck channel in mind, which is YouTube maximum one minute shorts.   You start there, and you’re going to go backwards and post everywhere else.

     If you have decided you’re going to go all in on YouTube, because that’s going to be my side hustle, and that’s going to be my stream of income, then using the above-mentioned formula, you’re recording regular, high-definition, vertical format video and then you’re re-cutting for everything else.

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