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     What are the differences between MLM (multi-level marketing) and affiliate marketing?  How do you take and front-face the lead generation, instead of sending everyone to the back office of the MLM or affiliate marketing system?  Which means, how do you become the front-facing expert, or at least enough of an expert, to have a presence that you get all the lead generation?  You get the legion; you can monetize them.  So, you can front-face an MLM, a product, or a service that you really like, and then you could flip it and say I want to do affiliate marketing, because you now have a database that you’re monetizing.

     MLMs have a very specific structure.  They have software programs that program algorithms and downlines.  They’re binary.  I front-face, and it’s critical.  The reason I love MLMs and direct sales companies right now, they’re inflation proof.  They don’t raise their price structure.  So, you could buy all your home supplies, your laundry detergent, your stuff for home, without running to big box stores, have it delivered.  It’s all American, natural USA made, and there’s no inflationary pricing and they stopped reducing their packaging.

     If you notice what a lot of box stores are doing, and a lot of big companies, they went from normal product packaging, and they’ve reduced their packaging to have less product.  But to keep the price the same, to kind of trick you, because you’re not aware, and you’re not paying attention.

     The other thing with MLMs, which I have some conflict with, is they could make it easy for the average Jill and Joe, just to get a business, and they hand you a website.  The problem with it is, you’re marketing for them.  They’re getting the names, phone numbers, and emails of everybody you’re recruiting. 

     So, whenever you join a direct sales company, I want you to become an expert.  I do a facial product.  So, I’m doing a whole anti-aging thing on that.  I do gifts and cards.  I do a lot of different things, but I front-face them, and I give links into my database.  So, I control the lead generation.  I control the marketing expense, and I front-face the website.  So, everyone comes into my database, and then if they decide to join and be apart of my team, then they can use the back office.  Because why would you use the back office if nobody’s even buying?  It’s a sell-away, and if they didn’t use your link, and they just go to the company, they’re round-robin into the top producers.  So, you never get any credit, and you never get the lead.

     I want to teach you to be an amazing entrepreneur.  I coach some of the greatest networkers, meaning direct sales networkers in the world.  They’re making a hundred thousand a month, two hundred fifty a month.  It’s not difficult.  It’s different to do, and it requires a lot of marketing.  But you have to front-face the website and put it into a funnel.

     It’s called rapid marketing systems, where we do all the marketing for you.  We can help you lead generate.  You do have to create the content.  You can borrow the content from the direct sales company, and if you’re an affiliate marketer, you can do the same things, and you front-face always.

     You need to become an expert in front-facing your personal brand, your personal, whatever you’re representing, and just give different videos and different content.  You can put it on social media.  But then the followers go into your database, of which you can monetize.

     With affiliate marketing, there’s software that tracks, and it’s one and two tiers only.  It’s not direct sales, and there’s a percent based on the cost of what the product can do.  So, in affiliate marketing, it’s mostly for online and digital marketers.  So, somebody will send out a link to a certain product.  If you get your people to click the link, then you get paid.  The challenge with all of this, if people don’t click the right link, and they just find you, then nothing is tracked, and no one gets any of the money, besides the person that just made the sale.

     MLMs, direct sales companies, very different than affiliate marketing.  I love both.  I’ve made a lot of money in both.  Mainly the MLM and direct sales for the inflation benefits.  So, you may want to go look around for a little while and say, what is it that I want to front-face?  What kind of products and services?  And then become that expert.  See what other people in the top of their direct sales company, or even affiliate marketing, are doing.  There are some people who would do affiliate marketing that make a seven, eight, figure living.

     You want to front-face it because of all the lead generation activity, right?  The leads are coming to the back offices in any of these situations.  I want you to learn to be an expert.  The other thing I want, you to supplement with this, is your own conversation, your own expertise, your own consulting.  Maybe you have strategy sessions.  Maybe you’re doing a wellness product.  You could do a wellness session, and charge 30 to 100 dollars for that.

     I want to really streamline and systemize your teams and systems, so you make more money, and you pay the people once you make the money.  In direct sales, it’ll be automatically just put into your bank account.  Affiliate marketing, usually you’re paid within 30 days.

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