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     Other people’s money is everywhere.  There’s other people’s IRAs.  There’s other people’s credit.  There are nother people’s brains.  So, a lot of you, you’re just wanting something because you don’t know how to generate for yourself.   Why not generate for yourself first and find money?

     When you become a client of ours, by clicking the link, and get in a scheduled appointment with our team, we can help you get funding.  We have three massive funding sources, hundreds and hundreds of options to get you zero percent financing.

      What do you want the money for?  See, if you just want to start up a company, any sort of a service-based company, you don’t need any capital.  You’re going to open your mouth and start selling stuff.  I want you to start learning to generate your own money.  I want you to learn to generate sales.  Because if you can generate money, you’re going to look like a better prospect to somebody who you might want to be like, if you want somebody to lend you money, if you can’t make your own money, and you don’t have good bookkeeping, why would anybody let your borrow money?

     The financial system looks at how much you’re making and spending, which is credit card use, loan use, mortgage use, it’s all of it.  So, if you’re living in the Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey model of stay safe in a little tiny box, you’re not in a millionaire plan.  They’re not millionaire makers.  They don’t say they are, that’s not what they’re doing.  You have to become presentable and look great.  I have flipped so many properties.  I have moved so many millions of dollars in and out of projects.

     Back to why you want the money in the first place.  Other people’s money sounds sexy, and the amount of people that think they need money to make money.  No.  You need money to grow, but you don’t need it to start up.  If you have real estate, you’re going to need some.

     So, other people’s money, number one, they have it.  They’re sitting on the sidelines.  There is so much cash right now, because people are out of the market.  The market has been so volatile in the last few years.  Unless you’re in our iFlip software,

put your money in there.  It takes you in and out of smart folios.  It’s not an auto trader, it’s an AI-driven algorithmic trader that puts you in and out of the market.  Sometimes you’ll be in cash, but it’s very leveraged and protected process of being into the stock market.  All those people are sitting on cash, they have lots of money, and the market can be liquidated in 24-48 hours.

     Ask people for 401Ks.  Even if they have a job, they can borrow up to $150,000 against their 401Ks.  So many people have old 401Ks, they’ve never self-directed.  We can help you self-direct and bring that money forward, and then that’s money that can be used for investments.  Other people’s fundability.  Let’s just say you blew your credit and you’re not very fundable, you could partner with somebody else, who could be fundable.  If they could get zero percent financing, and you could pay them for that money, golden ticket for both of you.

     Let’s talk about a solid business plan.  This is the, ‘what are you going to put the money around?’  How are you going to use the money?  How are you going to market to make sure the project is profitable?  How are you going to find materials, if you’re in construction and flipping?  How are you going to sell the property?  Are you in a market that’s even sellable right now, or are you in a market that’s going to be heading through a big foreclosure transition?  A big business plan is critical.

     I have a four hour business plan, and you can listen to it, write it down at the same time

It takes you about four hours to get operational.  You’re going to have to go one more level to get it functional for the finances.

     Here’s what I would do, and I tell all my clients, to go to a bank, and ask them what is the plan that you need, and could they give a sample of a plan, where they’ve funded a project before?  Now, you can do an R&S (replicate and duplicate)

     Don’t start from scratch.  Use somebody else’s already great work.  Financial institutes will give you samples of what they’re looking for, and then model that.  You take that in partnership with what I teach you, you’re going to have a great business plan.

     You’ve got to get a mentor and a coach.  I did not learn this by just reading books and hanging out on the Internet by myself.  I got mentors.  I joined communities.  I did deals.  I was a part of other people’s deals.

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