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     Where do you start?  What are the brands you want to follow you?  Having had a Beechcraft airplane for years and years, I want Beechcraft.  I want the Rock Revival jeans that I wear.  I want jewelry.  I want leather jackets.  Think about what you do, and what you represent in your brand.  So, brand deals aren’t as difficult, but you get to really be focused on what you want, and how you’re going to get it.

     Where do you start from a content and an online perspective?  So, again, you’ve got to pick a path in where you want to go, and it’s not as difficult to make six figures in this.  But you’ve got to be focused, and you’ve got to get a following before anybody is going to care.

     So, you got to pick a path, and you got to pick a strategy.  Are you going to do TikTok?  Are you going to do Instagram?  Are you going to do YouTube?  I do a little bit of all of them.  Each social channel’s got different algorithms.  Each channel has different content posting strategies.  You’ve got to find your tribe, and where’s the group where you’re going to want brands to follow you, and support you, and pay you, if you have enough followers?

     How do you get the content marketing strategy to begin with?  For the content marketing strategy, you need three things.  You need the knowledge, which is you’ve got to produce the content.  You’ve got to be producing an enormous amount of content.  You’ve got to have the knowledge in whatever product or service or industry that you’re in.  You’ve got to have the planning, and you’ve got to have the production schedule, and a production team.  This is where most people fall in consistency.

     So, depending on what the structure is, and what your industry is, pick a path, make a plan, and get some production going.  It’s got to be mostly video content.  If you are not knowledgeable in front of the camera, then I would do a bunch of audio blogs, and have them transcribed.  You could do audio podcasts.  You could be interviewed.  The more you talk, the more comfortable you’re going to get in your expertise, and the things you want to be an influencer in, to get the brand deals.

     The planning part is, where do your people hang out?  Are you going to do a combination of emails, texting?  What is your process to bring them in?  Don’t just have followers.  I know people who have a billion people, a million people, and no database.  So, that means you can’t monetize your following, in a way that you could if you had a database, which is a CRM (custom relationship management).

     When you’re in your planning, think about your life, think about your time.  How much are you going to dedicate to this to get a good brand deal?  It’s going to need regular attention, consistency, and you have to be producing content for production schedules all the time.  I produce 40 pieces a week, minimum five times a week.  So, that’s usually every day.  One to three videos and got to adjust as you go.  You got to schedule it and manage it, and when they go out, you need to have a team.  If it’s not you, an engagement, and staying in the engagement of it, because you want more and more followers.  The more followers you get, the more influencers you get, the more brands are going to see you as someone who can actually influence buying whatever their thing is.

     So, repetition is key.  Consistency is key.  Nurture those customers, because if the brand is looking at you, they’re going to want to make sure that you do have a consistency in your followers.  They can see when you started your channel, how much you’ve grown, what do you grow per week.  They’re going to want to know that, because that’s going to affect how much they’re going to pay you, if they pay you to cut a deal, or at least have you do a social post, and maybe you get some gear for free.

     However, you get it, get it and take it.  Just to begin, you want to have that in your resume’, you want to have that in your social media profile, that you’ve been sponsored.  Even if a sponsor is free gear and free loot, you can qualify it as a sponsor for you, and the more you see that, the more are going to be attracted to you.

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