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There are four components in my opinion of a marketing strategy. First one is find your buyer and what do they want. Number 2 is then designing the content specific for them, and they adjust as you go. This isn’t going to be perfect, so those of you who think it’s all going to be done perfect set and automated without any adjustments, we’re adjusting every day if not multiple times a day, depending on what’s going on. Number 3 nurture your customer. Your customers are your best new buyers believe it or not. When your customer will buy one thing, they’ll buy a next thing.

     The people that first bought my Millionaire Maker book in 2006 were a lot of the same people who bought Make Your Kids Millionaires in 2022. That whole span of keeping a marketing strategy, keeping them connected, keeping them segmented, talking to them on a regular basis and acknowledging them is a huge part of your marketing strategy.

     So let’s break it down a little further. Number one I want to find out who your buyer is and what’s their pain?  So, in money I have a great big wide-open canvas, because everyone has a lot of money issues and there are so many topics that are inclusive in money and business. But where is your avatar? Where do they hang out? Are they all on social media? Do they actually meet physically in groups because everything in the world is opening back up.

     What’s their pain point? How did they get the pain?  How are you going to solve the problem? You need to find a lot of this out. You say, “Well how do you do it?”

     I use surveys. You can use polling. You want to ask people what they want, what their issues are. I want to know what people want or what are they concerned about. What’s interesting is they’re more concerned about the recession in the stock market and interest rates that I hear a lot of people complaining about paying for inflationary prices, which is shocking because the inflationary process could be absolutely managed. And what’s interesting in a recession, people are caring a lot about debt. I don’t care about your debt. I care about how you use good debt, so I can use that, and you can use that to become a millionaire.

     Back to marketing, again I want to find your pain. I want to find the issues and they don’t stay the same, so again, you’re going to need to be surveying, polling, having calls. I use our membership tips to go to ask a question, make any requests. We use that always as a place for people to come and ask questions. Another way to survey, because through their questions I can see what they’re wanting, what kind of product or service that I could create or provide to them.

     So, as you’re thinking about who your buyer is, where their pain is, again really listen to them, engage with them. I had a question last night from where somebody said once you get likes on social media what do you do? Engage, ask them more questions, and go deeper with them.

     Number 2 is how do you define the content and how do you define your lead generation strategy? Every social channel joint ventures affiliates. I mean how do you want to get it done? A lot of people think their content has to look like a book, and yeah you could get an e-book. I would start with some articles, some reports and get a lot of content. I five years of content before I actually wrote my first real book. I did a lot of collaborative books, that’s the other way you can go to get some content, coupled together with 10 or 20 people and do a joint book together that can easily work for some of you to start getting your content.

     But through your surveys through your polls again the way I want you to capture your content is on a voice recording or a videorecording. You want to capture it, you want to transcribe it, and then make that your content.  If you’re sitting and typing, you’re going to end up with your writer’s block because you actually aren’t a great writer, most people aren’t. When you free think and free flow your conversation, which is what I do for clients, I interview them and I just get them talking about their expertise, and all this amazing content comes out. Then from there you can do your first product.

     So you have to get some content out. So as you think about how you’re going go to market, are you going to email, are you going to text, are you going to just be doing a lot of content posts, are you going to do video? A video is absolutely required at this point. Photography is cute but it’s not really working. Most videos aren’t even heard by the audio, they just scroll and if they get an elite caption that they want, then they’ll click on that.

     You want your social media and all your social posts to go to a free gift so I’ll do that for you right now go to that is what I use as one of my funnel mechanisms to when I go to market I go out on any social Channel and I’ll say if you want a free gift and you want some tickets to my Millionaire Intensive and you know in my Marketplace and you don’t want to pay click on takes the amount of any social Channel straight into my database straight into my CRM and it gives them also a free copy of my Millionaire Maker book so all of you can go get those two things and if you’ve already had those two things go get them again give them to a friend like continue to get the engagement let’s go let’s go let’s go how do you create a go to market strategy a lot of times it’s called the GTM, how to get to Market quick.

     My son just graduated with a Finance accounting degree, taking all these business classes same thing I finance and business classes never was taught how to be an entrepreneurial marketer like this isn’t taught like we could pull somebody right out of Marketing school right now and they’re taught old school Theory the five P’s oh my gosh like that’s a 1960s70s thing so how do you get to Market quick in this economy now if you are somebody that’s maybe just starting out or you haven’t really tested your database or offered something in a while by the way this is the first part of your database whatever’s in this phone is the first part of your database you can connect with all your contacts I would do a survey and I would ask them hey I’m a money expert I’m looking at coming back out offering some products and services to really take care of you what are the top three things you want some help with right or I’m in Wellness

what are the top three or five things or you could be more specific and just say yes no you know whether they want that kind of help you need to know what you’re going to be marketing what is the content that people want not what you think too many people go into the little spare bedroom or they go into the little cave go away to an island I think that’s hysterical and Riders go to wait an island to go write a book why are you writing a book by yourself you need to

write a book with people cause people are going to buy your book so I have a huge distinction in being really engaged almost call it focus group style when I go to market on anything so if people don’t want to buy it I am not going to build it build it I guarantee they’re not coming is really probably the name of this whole talk we’re going to give right now because too many of you are building things they’re already built my favorite during the pandemic was this a couple groups were for forty thousand dollars they’re going to build you an eight hour Master Class it’s all going to be automated on the internet well that’s fabulous but you don’t even have a database you don’t have followers you don’t have a marketing strategy so what is a stagnant brilliantly I mean they looked beautiful but they would just sit there like nice little brochures that would have no visitors so all of the build goes after you make the money right I have this saying says don’t move without money so let’s talk about the marketing strategy how do you test it how do you get people excited about buying from you paying you and then you take the money and you go build it afterwards so the biggest thing about defining your content strategy and you’re the lead generation is you got to be consistent and there are algorithms to how many times in each of the social channels you post today how you post do you give your offers front facing the answer is no you give a lot of content you redirect there’s a whole strategy to it so I go to our side our marketing is our highest expense inside the company why because we want the right lead and getting the right buyer we know we can solve the right problems we can make the millionaires so every algorithm is different a lot of you need to hire help and I know you’re out there saying  I don’t have any money well then go to my Marketplace and go make some you’re gonna come make some money now you have some money you’re going to get the flow of all these conversations we’re having now what’s the next thing you got to do you got to just as you go now for some of you who are perfectionists this is your hardest challenge because you want to be perfect you want the funnel to be perfect and you think you’re gonna like have it all right and then it’s going to work you’re going to be constantly adjusting which again if you’re the content creator and you’re the fulfiller of your product there has to be some support here in marketing because I could have a team of five eight people all day long working on marketing messaging targeting retargeting all of those Concepts and a lot of you know how to do it just like I as the business owner I don’t know how to do all these things I don’t want to I’m not the marketing expert I’m the money expert I’m the content expert so I deliver the content I hire teams to doit cannot encourage you enough to do that some of you are you’re not failing because your business is bad you’re failing because you don’t have a team that’s supporting you and can help you get it done right and you don’t understand the concepts the other thing that you really want to make sure that you adjust as you go is that you do some testing split tests like we just went live actually on some different ad channels and we started with a really low dollar amount testing the ads to make sure they convert actually bring in a lead and then you ramp that up again every day you’re going to be monitoring the different channels of all of your marketing but I would go to

market you know where is your client you know some of you know Facebook is going to be more of your client LinkedIn is going to be more of your client I think it’s fascinating some of you are looking for corporate CEOs you’re looking for a corporate con contract and you’re out on Tick Tock like wrong Channel you need to be over LinkedIn and some of you spend hours and hours a day on clubhouse with no like as a redirect to pull them out of that social channel into your database now you can talk to them your way so just be very mindful as you go to market what you’re doing and how you’re spending your time I see in the beginning for a lot of our clients they waste a lot of time you’re just kind of poking around at a lot of things you don’t have a plan you’re not sure how algorithms work and you don’t adjust and then once you start getting customers that’s like a whole other segment of marketing you have to continue to nurture your customer and Market to your customer and go back through over and over and over what does your customer need and as times change they change I mean even if you are in wellness and nutrition every year there’s something new that’s out about that just like theirs with money and with us every economic downturn or shift we’ve got something to talk about so do you so you need to adjust and be mindful with your customers make sure you follow up and nurture consistently so how to come up with a market getting strategy again I would talk to your customers right I would do a lot of pre-orders so I’m going to actually introduce you to this concept when we come out with a book any book I put up a book page is the first thing I do I don’t go hire a book team I put up a book page hey I’m going to write a book not even sure what the title is I even put up some said that or blank and say hey new book coming missing the category of Yes Energy is the category of make your kids millionaires just in a category of whatever hey how many of you want to learn about this and then what do you want to learn and you start a bunch of Engagement once I get a lot of Engagement then I’ll go for a sale how about a 20 pre-order and then once you get a lot of sales like we had 13 000sales on our kids book before we actually hit the print which then that also validated to McGraw here our publisher why they needed to print 25000 because we had already pre-sold 13so they’re only going to have 12 into the market because ours are going to be consumed immediately so if you want your books distributed you want them out in the market you have to do some strategy about it not just casual it’s got to be very well both are that so let’s go to the next thing is how do you write this strategy so before I go into how to write the marketing strategy inside your business plan I want you to click on my link I want you to follow this channel click the notification button so you get them every morning and watch it like be in a conversation with the people around you you’re the sum of those five people so why are you hanging with people that don’t care about money don’t care about business don’t care about your goals are you really serious about being financially literate business literate and becoming a millionaire well then if you are you tell the people around you and if they don’t want to be on this journey with you atrophy them away it’s critical you have to feed them away they go away and you find people in our community we have thousands and thousands of people that not only want this conversation there in this conversation and excited about learning this conversation so make sure that you are always saying you know hey what did you learn every day you want to be learning something new and for those of you who are liking the content please share it again either some of those five people you all need to be watching it together along with your family by the way if there’s any content that you want that I’m not talking about go to the comment section below put that in and uh we will get right back to you because we’re out here filming and recording for you on a regular basis to make sure these channels Jam for you all right so how do you write this marketing strategy now I got to tell you personally this is the probably worst part for most of because you think oh my gosh I have to write and type and I don’t know how to do it nope we’re going back to talking again so what ideally in a marketing strategy you get some other marketing experts if I’m your mentor and Coach you can invite me to the call invite some of our teams to the call but you want to be talking your strategy and here’s the points that you really have to get through and once you talk it someone can transcribe it now at least you have a document you can go through as a drafted it and make it into your formal plan so everyone has a timeline all the way down to email marketing timeline text timelines how often are you going to talk about what to who so these are the components first you have to State your business Mission like what is it you have to identify your KPIs right your key performance indicators for this mission how are you going to achieve it right those are strategies then you want to fill in the tactics of how you’re going to get there you want to identify the buyer’s Persona like you call your everybody calls it an avatar who are you marketing to like this year we shifted our Avatar more towards higher income earners because they’re the ones getting pummeled in taxes and I want to teach them to live corporate life so before a couple years ago we would just Target it beginning entrepreneurs but beginning entrepreneurs typically don’t know how to make money and they don’t listen very well quite frankly employees tend to listen to better and they have the money to pay for the things to get stuff done so it becomes successful faster so that’s why we shifted our Avatar a little bit you want to describe the content initiatives and what are your strategies so this year was very highly committed to about three things the make your kids a millionaires book The NFT that wrapped in it and now the gen w conference as we move into next year we’re going back to monetizing your message marketing go and I’m going to keep working with student athletes and coaches because I love those clients so clearly Define your plan and you know there’s a lot of old school planning tools that will say you know what’s your three year five year I know you know some people even say you’re 10 and lifetime goals I mean there might be like some ideas out there you might have some big bucket list things you want to do but really I mean I’d say quarter by quarter by quarter given the volatility of the market especially since the pandemic you need to be super Nimble you can’t get locked in and like just move down the road whether it’s working or not you need to test it you need to adjust you need to shift and uh that is usually why a lot of entrepreneurs or employees that want to become entrepreneurs hire us is to live that corporate life and how do they even get this business up and running because it’s got to be pretty Nimble and becoming more and more and then what’s your marketing budget shockingly a lot of you do not plan for this and uh real companies spend 20 30 40 percent on marketing getting a new lead now as you once you get leads you’ll spend less money getting your current customers to go again but you’ve still got to have both of those inside of your planning and then the last says who’s your competition what are they saying how are they marketing because you’re going head-to-head with a client a buyer looking at them and you and making a decision on who they want to go with so I would encourage you to do a lot of video I would be out asking them a lot of questions another thing we decided to do early in my career is be very high touch you become a client you get my cell phone I can guarantee you there are some men we don’t need to name them you know who they are you’re never getting their cell phone in fact you’re not even going to get by their Gatekeepers I think that’s a massive mistake it’s interesting but you’re not really getting the help of the guru you’re getting second third and fourth tier potential help not like for me if I’m A Millionaire Maker you’re going to talk to me if you want to be a millionaire there won’t be a time that you don’t have my cell phone number we don’t have a high-touch relationship so that’s part of a strategy though some of you don’t ever give your cell phone out you stay too far away from your client you wonder why they’re not getting a result up to you how you want to do it so again any questions or comments then the marketing strategy how do you go to Market we can help you go quickly we can actually do this for you for a very I’d say high value low ticket right I’m going to say as much as fifteen hundred dollars a month we can get this up running less than a month making leads you’ll make sales you’ll come to our Marketplace we’ve got a system built in to help you more than any other group that I’ve ever seen and we are with you every day we’re in conversations go to ask put in any question any requests say hey I just want to talk to somebody either about how to Mentor with you how to get that fifteen hundred dollar a month marketing plan going because we’ll just do it because a lot of you don’t know how to do it and I can tell you if you don’t know how to do it you won’t get a lead which means you won’t be a sales which means you won’t get cash flow which means it’s hard to make you a millionaire so that’s why we’ve stretched to this category it’s important it’s critical for you it’s critical for your business.

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